We provide Private Personal Training at the highest level, no gimmicks no fad diets, real work with real results that last a lifetime. Reaching your goals require a simple equation, as easy as 1+1. Our job is  to make this whole experience as easy as possible. 

Sometimes finances, availability and the anxiety of approaching a trainer can be tough. We have very flexible training hours at our home gym, and flexible personal trainers that can fit around your busy schedule. Sessions times are usually from 30-90mins long to fit your training needs, with sessions prices ranging from £30-£50.



Truly tailor made programmes designed for you. Along with nutritional advice and all around support.


Share the cost and train with a buddy. We host group sessions for only £10PP. From Bootcamps to Youth training, whatever you're thinking - get in contact!


Single   Double   Corporate   Events   Groups   Children   Teens   Wedding prep   Competitions



1x20kg Olympic barbell 7ft

1x10kg Olympic barbell 6ft


1x Ez curl bar

Farmer walk bars.

Mulit-use Squat rack

Multi-use Bench 


Long/short foam rollers

Attachable Olympic rings

Schwinn Spin bike


1x20kg kettlebell

1x4,6,8kg kettlebell


1x15kg slam ball

1x7kg slam ball


4x20kg bumper plates

2x5kg bumper plates

4x20kg cast iron plates

2x10kg cast iron plates

2x5kg cast iron plates

2x2.5kg cast iron plates

2x1.25kg cast iron plates

x4 Weight belts

x1 Dipping belt

x2 sling shot (bench)



Hackney, London